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Eyberg Family Tree

I started to create a family tree, but this is a lot of work. May be we can complete this tree together. The construction, the display and the printout on web pages is a little bit different than using normal paper, so I would appreciate your feedback for my way of designing it. May be you have a much better idea? The entry point is currently my own family, but could be any other Eyberg. Do you know any very famous Eyberg which is better to be used as entry point?

On www.fehmarn-genealogy.com I found some more information about the roots of our family, which came originally from the island of "Fehmarn" in the north of Germany. A couple of families went from there to USA where still a lot of Eyberg families are living. So the eldest member of our family I know is Josius Johann Eyberg who was born about 1750 on or near this island.

Eyberg Streets

Up to now I know 5 streets named after our family name. You will find here soon some photographs of street plates because my new scanner is working finally. I would welcome any additional information about these and other streets, especially about why the streets are named so.

1. Eyberg Avenue 2. Eybergstrasse (D-66994)
Eyberg Avenue (12 kByte) Eybergstrasse (87 kByte)
3. Bernhard-Eyberg-Straße 4. Eybergstraße (D-86579)
Bernhard-Eyberg-Strasse (26 kByte) Photograph not
yet available
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  1. The Eyberg Avenue in Treynor, USA. This town (www.cityoftreynor.com) is located in Iowa. I received the photo of this street plate from relatives in USA (Thanks!). http://maps.google.de (41.241371,-95.613084).

  2. The Eybergstrasse in D-66994 Dahn. This town (www.dahn.de) is located near to the below mentioned "Great Eyberg" hill in the south-west area of Germany. The geographical coordinates of this street are 7°46'14" degrees east longitude and 49°08'34" degrees north latitude. http://maps.google.de (49.142222,7.771837).

  3. The Bernhard-Eyberg-Straße in D-51427 Bergisch Gladbach (Refrath), Germany. This town (www.bergischgladbach.de) is located near to Cologne (Köln) in the middle-west of Germany. The geographical coordinates of this street are 7°06'24" degrees east longitude and 50°57'42" degrees north latitude. http://maps.google.de (50.961618,7.107208).

  4. The Eybergstrasse in D-86579 Waidhofen (Gröbern), Germany. This town (www.waidhofen.de) is located about 70 km far from Munich (München) in the south-east of Germany. The geographical coordinates of this street are 11°19'34" degrees east longitude and 48°35'48" degrees north latitude. http://maps.google.de (48.596909,11.326879).

  5. The Eybergstraße in D-93486 Runding (www.runding.de), Germany. http://maps.google.de (49.21285,12.759351).

You will find these streets with google earth (http://earth.google.com) using coordinates. You have to download and install the appropriate free software (I recommend a performant PC and fast internet connection). After start of "Google Earth" just copy and paste the coordinates in the search field and after clicking on the search button you will fly to the location. Enjoy your flight!

I have not checked yet the best possibility to offer here clickable or downloadable links including a notice text for Google Earth. May be you can give me a hint how to realize this.

Eyberg Hill

The Großer Eyberg (Great Eyberg) is a hill near to Pirmasens in Germany. The Great Eyberg is 514 meters high and is located in a very nice area, which is ideal for making some days of vacation. Remark for non germans: "Berg" is the german word for hill. The geographical coordinates of this hill are about 7°45'23" degrees east longitude and 49°08'01" degrees north latitude. For Google Earth use: 7°45'23"E 49°08'01"N

Eyberg Hill (87 kByte) Click on image to enlarge (87 kByte)

What's Planned for the Future

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