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Currently I am engaged privately with the following type of software:

Recommended PC Software

Here you will find some programs and tools I really like and use often. Partially the search for the really best alternative is very time consuming and full of frustrations and also expensive. Sometimes free tools or opensource tools can be really better than purchased alternatives. Some tools are free, but donations are possible. I donate for all the tools I am using regularly, because I just like to support this way of offering good software.

The following table contains some software I am currently using with Windows-7 and Windows-10. Because I am so satisfied with the performance and feature/price relation of most of these tools, I like to publish this list here for your convenience. Of course this is only a very personal and not a complete collection, but perhaps the one or other tools can help you also. I am continuously searching an evaluatinig new tools.

Application: Software / URL (new tab): Type: Comment:
File Manager Free Commander XE
Free Dual window and multi-tab view. Much better than any other file manager. With donation, you can receive very useful regular updates.
Desktop Search Tool Everything
Free Hyperfast and convenient file name search tool.
Hard Disk & Storage Encryption VeraCrypt
Free Very convenient, fast and reliable. The successor fork of TrueCrypt.
File Backup FreeFileSync
Free Very convenient and fast.
File Backup & Versioning AutoVer
Free Very convenient and fast.
Web Browser Firefox ESR
Free Very powerfull. A lot of free and powerful add-ons. I prefer the ESR version.
E-Mail Client Thunderbird
Free Very powerfull and secure. A lot of free and powerful add-ons like Lightning Calendar.
Image Viewer Irfanview
Free Very convenient and fast. Especially the lossless cropping & rotation of JPG is good.
Audio Player Winamp
Free & Pay Licensed MP3 encoding and fast CD ripping. Suspension in 2013 made me switch to MusicBee.
Audio Player Musicbee
Free A very good, convenient, flexible and fast audio player and music management tool
MP3 Tag Editor MP3Tag
Free A very good tool for editing meta data of MP3 files
Video Player VLC Player
Free Very robust and convenient.
Photo management IMatch
Pay Very powerfull. Much better than Idimager, Mediapro, Lightroom, ... for DAM.
Media file management JPhotoTagger
Free Very powerfull. Does manage ALL file extensions with XMP sidecars.
Digital AV Presentation Mobjects
Pay Very powerfull realtime rendering presentation software for digital images, audio and video files.
Image Geosetting Tool GeoSetter
Free Convenient editor not just for geo data, but also for IPTC, XMP, Exif.
Image Editor Paintshop
Pay & Free I still use the old free version, because it is simple and good.
RAW Editor CaptureOne
Pay My Pentax K-30 was not supported for one year
RAW Editor Lightroom
Pay I do not like it as DAM, but the RAW editor is very good. Lack of drag&drop to other tools is a big drawback.
Image Processor ImageMagick
Free Command line based and very powerful.
JPG Editor JpegCrops
Free Convenient tool which allows bulk resizing and defined cropping at the same time.
Image Metadata Editor ExifTool
Free Command line based and very powerful for all kind of media files.

Published Files

Diese Excel-Vorlage hilft sehr beim Verständnis der komplexen Excel-Formeln, da alle Parameter in separaten Zellen mit definierten Einheiten eingegeben werden können. Durch Variation der Werte und Ablesen der Rechenergebnisse bekommt man sehr schnell ein Gefühl für Zinsberechnungen. Einfach ausprobieren. Fragen, Anregungen sind willkommen.

#: Title: Tool: Update: File: Size: Comment:
1 Darlehen- und Anlagenberechnung Excel 1998-05-11 fnz-math.zip 82 kB Diese Vorlage verwendet Standard Excel-Formeln und erleichtert finanzmathematische Berechnungen

Old PC Software

The following list contains some old software I was using with Windows-95 and Win-NT. Because I was so satisfied with the performance and feature/price relation of most of these tools, I still like to publish this list here.

Application: Software / URL (new tab): Version: Type: Comment:
Browser Netscape 4.76 Free Still the best and standalone tool.
Email Pegasus 3.0b7 Free Very very powerfull.
File Backup FileBack
3.2 Share Wonderfull.
Windows Explorer PowerDesk
3.03a Share Not to miss.
Pixel-Graphik Editing Paintshop
4.12 Share Powerfull! I am still using this tool with Windows 7/10.
Online Counter Online Timer 7.11 Share German version for volume and cost calculation of dial-in Internet connections.
Sound Editor Cool Edit
96 Share Powerfull.
Mod Player Mod4Win
Share Nice player for Mod files.
Compression WinZip
6.3 Share Powerfull.
Midi Editor Capella Cheap Simple.
Note Scanning Capella Scan 2.06 Cheap Wonderfull.
Word-Processing MS-Winword 6.0 Pay Userfriendly.
Drawing/Presentation MS-Powerpoint 4.0 Pay Not the best but very compatible with other MS-Tools.
Calculation MS-Excel 5.0 Pay Powerfull.
Calculation Mathcad 5.0 Pay Very powerfull and famous.

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